Plain Air Painting

“It’s funny how a painting makes something feel more real.”

My cousin said this truest thing after I painted our farmhouse at the family’s 50th farm-out, the Meaney family reunion.

Plein air painting is easily one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon. The spontaneity, the happy accidents and especially getting to talk to people while you practice brings a vibrancy to the work.

It’s scary and humbling and always a wild surprise how the painting turns out. It’s another practice in getting comfortable being uncomfortable, settling in, embracing the mess and trusting that through working with the darkness and light, a more beautiful image will come into focus.

If i’m working outside my home studio, I’m typically working somewhere in nature with my travel easel, but I invite opportunities to work in public, in competition as well as in public and private events. Feel free to contact me with questions or to discuss painting outside in any capacity.

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