“Beautiful mosaics are made of broken pieces.”

Lori Jenessa Nelson

These 12 inch diameter mosaic discs were created as a test for a Dzine Studio project proposal using ancient, antique and modern tile of various textures and design. One of my absolute favorite color schemes is amplified by the dark grey grout.
I put together the basket for this Carlos Rolon-designed installation exploring the intersection of art and basketball
Dzine Studios installed a 60 foot mixed media sculptural work at the Facebook office in downtown Chicago. The work spans three floors of the office space, descending along the stairwell. I worked on the tiles, grouting and vegetation production.
Succulent-inspired table-top made with my grandmother’s commemorative porcelain plates, broken wedding gifts and other salvaged materials
These playful designs adorn half-planters, which were amputated in order to incorporate into a larger, vertical piece for the Carolos Rolon Studios.
A 2019 internship with the Green Star Movement lent a deeper understanding of high quality mosaic materials and best practices
This work is completely composed of reclaimed material, from the frame to the tiles, which were liberated from the alleys and free boxes of Chicago’s northside.
This Islamic-patterned planter was created entirely from salvaged material and supplies sustainably borrowed from the Chicago Tool Library.
This 5 foot diameter replica of Hurricane Maria was completed for Dzine Studios in 2021. Much of the work is compiled with double-sided mirror pieces in order to create an infinite reflection.
In order to qualify to create skittle mosaics in the shape of Texas for Zing How Design, I was tested on accuracy by meticulously covering a basketball with skittles in an intricate mosaic pattern; weirdly foreshadowing for Carlos Rolon’s playful basketball art
The pixels on this 13.5 x 11 in image are hole punched circles from 11 pages painted with varying shades of grey
Picture frame created entirely with scrap material salvaged from an actual garbage can

I created a series of mini planters for my family during the 2020 holiday season with busted household ceramics, tiles salvaged from free boxes in Chicago alleys and tools borrowed from the Chicago Tool Library. These tiny, sustainable wares were topped off with clippings from my garden.