First Place Award

“It’s funny how a painting makes something feel more real.”

My cousin said this truest thing after I painted our farmhouse at the family’s 50th farm out this summer and I love that.

Plein air and live painting are some of my new favorite things mostly because the spontaneity, the happy accidents and especially getting to talk to people while you practice brings a very vibrant element to the work.

It’s scary and humbling and always a wild surprise how the painting ends up turning out. Most surprising of all, I recently won the Celebration of Wildflowers and Art event, a jurried painting competition through the McHenry County Conservation District, so it seems like live painting is benefiting my art as well as keeping me entertained.

If you’re interested in hiring a live painter for your wedding, concert, family reunion or charity event, let me know through the submission form at the bottom of this page and we’ll coordinate entertaining you as well.

Painting at the Farm