Painter for Hire



Versatile fine artist characterized by an adventurous sprit and sharp attention to detail

Employment History 

Green Star Movement (Winter 2018)
Studio Artist 

Artsy Academy (April 2014—December 2016)

  • Established an event company specializing in fostering a positive environment for new artist to nurture creative habits in a productive, socially-based spaces in three American cities
  • Utilize my background in professional writing to promote my business and manage a cross-country artistic team through effective public relations, web editing and policy writing

Zing+How Design (June 2016—July 2016)
Studio Artist

  • Work independently as well as with a team of design professionals to execute mosaic and product design endeavors according to strict deadlines dictated by brand name advertising clients
  • Meticulously execute design work on a playful, micro level under the direction of a project manager while providing professional input regarding the elements and principles of design

Colors & Bottles (December 2013—January 2015)
Communications Professional

  • Received the 2013 Best New Hire award after a promotion from Regional Private Event Coordinator to Corporate Management Team Member, engaging in operations management
  • Managed a range of communication outlets from interfacing with clients to social media direction, website composition and policy writing as well as booking and facilitating classes

Expressions Gallery (Spring 2015)
Gallery Assistant

  • Worked directly with Chicago’s finest art dealers, corresponding with their clients, drafting monthly newsletters, constructing window displays and studying art history
  • Learned tangible professional art management skills, including storing, moving and displaying art work as well as nuanced principles of the industry, especially pricing artwork

Unicoi Art Studio (October 2014—June 2015)
Chicago Public Schools Program Coordinator

  • Managed large classrooms of grade school-aged children throughout the Chicago Public School District individually as well as in groups for the studio’s after-school program
  • Translated fine art skills including sketching, painting and mixed media techniques to children, establishing design foundations and fostering their penchant for creativity

The Paintbrush (Fall, 2014)
Art Instructor

  • Constructed multi-media based lesson plans immersing young artists to the principles of design; provided accessible information about the artists on whom our lessons were based
  • Flair for teaching honed by rigorous training as well as comprehensive, full-staff training sessions; enjoyed autonomy in constructing lesson plans and executing successful projects

The Vander Weele Group (May 2014—July 2014)
Technical Writer

  • Conducted operational audits for schools striving to meet federal mandates in an effort to communicate accurate information and thereby fuel effective reform strategies
  • Comprehensive monitoring included data analysis to equip decision-makers with objective information in order to better implement effective operational strategies in public schools

POPAI, Chicago, IL (January 2014 – April 2014)
Marketing Intern

  • Coordinated details for international and domestic trade show events for the global association for marketing at retail including editing event publications with InDesign
  • Expedited effective client management through communicating with member contacts, polishing company database and facilitating a user-friendly website interface

The Sun News, Independence (July 2008—September 2011)

  • Beat reporting position exposed me to a daily influx of press releases touting a range of information, shaping my applied knowledge of how to build a successful release
  • Worked to build our newspapers’ web presence through search engine optimization as well as managing our blog, as well as our social media accounts, specifically Facebook

Relevant Experience

Gallerie EquipeChicago, Illinois

  • Serve as the face of the gallery; generating interest in the space and its displayed work through managing artistic progress as well as planning and promoting events
  • Autonomously coordinated and delegated tasks according to deadlines dictated by artistic showcases, burgeoning educational programs and spatial transitions at the studio

Professional Artist
Nationally showcased Painter

  • Without the aid of a gallery or an art dealer I have sold a number of painting and commissioned works through word of mouth and by using my background working in galleries
  • My artwork hangs alongside a Picasso ceramic in a private collection as well as in the Chicago Institute of art offices; background in pricing art yielded steady increase in the value


Appalachian State University, Spring 2008
B.A. English, Minor in Communication
Focus on Technical Photography

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