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Over the course of my seven year foray into professional writing, Alison applied a versatile skill set to work in journalism, content writing, public relations, blogging, event planning and education. The following writing samples represent a diverse writing portfolio.

Alison Meaney has Bachelors Degree in English and a Concentration in Professional writing from Appalachian State University. Her degree is complemented by a minor in Communication as well as a focus in Technical Photography and Sustainable Development.

In addition to a career in writing, Alison is dedicated to working as a professional artist and a deckhand for Chicago Sailboat Charters. She is also committed to earning her captains license.


Content Writing

In creating a website from scratch, I drafted the bulk of its content

As a small business owner and office manager for a successful local business in Chicago, Alison created content for websites spanning art, sailing and marketing books.

Furthermore, she communicated effectively with clients through marketing sites such as yelp to clarify technical questions about yachts and boat travel.

Additionally, Alison acquired a host of technology skills garnered through constructing a website from scratch. Specifically, Alison learned to install plug ins, navigate sites backends and troubleshoot WordPress platforms.

Check out the Artsy Cleveland site for an example of Alison’s quality content creation.



Sunshine Sketches was a monthly column I penned for the Sun News featuring local artists.

“Sunshine Sketches presents teachers who offer a fresh perspective” represents the column Alison created to bolster and highlight Cleveland’s burgeoning artistic community.

This edition of the column profiled the exemplary high school art teacher Tom Shemrich, as well as spotlighting additional teachers and the programs they offer.

The print version of this story ran with photos that I shot and the online version ran with a slideshow I constructed.

For the full article, check out the archived edition.



Technical Writing

Drafting a series of documents for Vander Weele required researching complicated No Child Left Behind laws.


As a freelance technical writer for the Vander Weele Group in Chicago, Alison worked to aid struggling schools located on Native American Reservations in their attempts to meet No Child Left Behind Mandates.

The position required acquiring a private detectives license from Cook County as well as signing a confidentiality agreement. As such, subsequent details about the position are available only upon request.



POPAI’s Global Shop Awards document was arranged with InDesign, Excel and a team of designers.


Among the tasks tackled as a Marketing Intern for Popai, the Global Marketing at Retail non-profit, Alison worked to draft a roughly 1,000 page document distributed at their 2014 OMA Awards.

In addition to editing the entries for content, aided in compiling the document with the help of Microsoft Excel and a team of designers who contributed the logos and the QR code which facilitated remote voting during the awards ceremony.

To view the document in its entirety, check out Alison’s LinkedIn profile.



While I focused on features as a reporter, I excelled as well in hard news.

Occasionally events in Alison’s former coverage area made national news.

The series of articles Alison penned regarding a horrifying murder as well as the ensuing trial and sentencing honed my professionalism and provided a palpable sense of our nation’s legal system.

Review the article in its entirety at the archives.


Public Relations


Drafting a well-constructed press release is crucial to establishing a small business. Successfully drafting media releases yielded a number of articles featuring Alison’s former small business Artsy, including this document which yeiled a profile in the nationally circulated Garden Center Magazine. For a PDF version of this document click the following link: artsy-garden-center-press-release.

Features also spanned the internationally regarded blog, Wonderfilled, which highlighted Artsy’s Asheville market, the universally respected Crain’s Business site, which profiled craft beer + yoga events in Cleveland, and hyper local event boards such as the Orlando Date Night Guide and the Cool Cleveland page.




Event Planning

Promotional Materials Created with InDesign

In 2015 Alison co-curated Contempler, an art show which took place at Galerie Equipe, the Chicago art gallery I managed.

To bolster her background in event planning, she created promotional materials with Adobe InDesign, which were distributed throughout Chicago as flyers as well as by the participating artists who traveled from as far as Northern Wisconsin and Western North Carolina for the opening.




As an early childhood art instructor at The Paintbrush studio in Chicago, Alison worked to create lesson plans for students ranging from infancy to third grade.

Lesson plans were crafted to connect with children across this age range as well as to communicate tasks to the studio’s additional teachers.

The lesson plans outlined an hour-long class which included a lesson about the artist as well as recreating an image in their specific style.

Profile Drafting

As a reporter I was encouraged to cover stories that interest me, including appropriate technology.

Among Alison’s strengths as a writer include drafting biographical profiles.

This article highlights a professor who brought an appropriate technology program to my coverage area, is therefore one of my favorite published articles.

As a college student Alison studied Sustainable Development, so this interview and accompanying story represents the colorful synergy between my education and its practical manifestation.

Review the full article at the archives.